Services and Fees

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and interests.

  • DNA Test Results Consultation, Basic…..$175
    • 45 minute session that usually covers:
    • How to approach the Promethease (or other) report and how to identify the most important genetic variants.
    • Review the specific results of interest to the client.
    • Review the benefits and limitations of test.


  • DNA Test Results Consultation, Expanded w/Prior Review….$250
    • 60 minute session that includes:
    • Up to one-hour review/research of DNA results prior to consultation, focusing on client’s primary area(s) of interest or concern.
    • Family history intake and risk assessment.
    • Review of the benefits and limitations of the test and recommended follow-up.
    • Detailed results discussion.


  • Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment….$250
    • Elicitation of personal and family medical history and pedigree construction.
    • Risk Assessment
    • Determination of 5-year and lifetime cancer risks as well as risk of a cancer gene mutation, based on published risk models.
    • Specific Genetic Testing Recommendation, if appropriate.
    • Based on published national guidelines and specific client concerns.
    • Testing may be coordinated, if desired. DNA test fees are additional.
    • A Genetic Risk Score and Category (general population risk, moderate risk and high risk) will be assigned and a written summary will be provided that may be shared with client’s physician, who will make appropriate management and surveillance recommendations.


  • Pre-Test or Test Selection Consultation….$75
    • Do you want to know what genetic testing is right for you? Not all genetic testing is the same. A specific test recommendation will be made based on your goals for testing and specific concerns you have for yourself or family members.


  • Unexpected Relationships Consultation…Contact Me
    • Sometimes ancestry DNA tests identify unexpected information or relatives. Consultations are available to discuss the results, to process information, and to discuss possible next steps.



Gencipher Genetic Counseling offers services worldwide and to most US states. Find the list of states, here.

Unfortunately, I am unable to bill insurance companies.  Fees are payable prior to session.

For more information or to schedule, contact me




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